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The audience waited with hushed breath as the iPhone X was rolled out. Discussions centered on all the cutting edge features that iPhone’s latest installment would sport. Most wondered if the world of AR would explode with the release of this new phone. However, after a conspicuously surprised reaction by the crowd to the demo of a talking poop emoji, most felt let down by the capabilities of the iPhone X. Many even wondered what kind of impact, if any, this new phone would have on the world of augmented reality.

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Features with Potential

Although the X is filled with a bevy of somewhat impressive features, many still leave users wanting more. Perhaps one of the most cutting-edge features was the AR-driven facial mapping system that the new iPhone X uses for facial recognition as a form of security for the phone. This feature alone is enough to turn heads. However, other features like the poop emoji game that uses the same AR technology to mimic facial expressions based upon those of the user, much is left to be desired.

What Didn’t Sparkle

Most failed to see AR displayed in the most cutting-edge ways by the iPhone X. The most powerful display of AR in its purest form was perhaps the ability to watch a live baseball game and hover over a player’s image on the screen and receive information about the player. Other than that, AR was not displayed much. However, the X is sure to represent the potential that more aggressive development of AR could have in the years to come. Developers will definitely be motivated to create more apps for games and other applications where AR will be better utilized.

A View into the Future

The iPhone X delivered more opportunity for the potential of the development of AR, instead of actual functional uses of augmented reality. Most expected to see far more than they did. Although Apple’s latest installment failed to make the expected splash, it still has the ability to ignite and inspire developers to take AR further. Who knows, developers may be inspired enough to go beyond gaming apps when it comes to utilizing AR. The crowds certainly hope so. AR may one day be helpful when it comes to advancements in industrial machines, for example, industrial blenders. However, it remains to be seen.

The actual effect that the iPhone X will have on AR can’t be succinctly measured yet. However, a little splash is better than no splash at all. It’s predicted that developers will be inspired by all the potential and inspired thought that comes from experiencing the iPhone X.

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