Five Types of Auto Franchises Worth Considering for Purchase

There are many types of franchise opportunities to choose from, so you need to narrow your area of interest to a particular category when shopping for a good franchise to invest your money. One of the best areas to consider are those that relate to cars. There are several categories of automotive franchise opportunities that offer a great return on your investment. The following are five of them.

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A car washing franchise

This is a self-serve type of franchise and usually requires only a single person on the grounds at any time; therefore, labor costs are low. People wash their own cars using high pressure hoses and foam brushes to soap down their cars. Additional income is made from vacuum machines that people use after they wash their cars. All of this is coin operated, so it is only a matter of keeping all of the equipment working properly for the customers.

An oil change franchise

These are very popular and a great deal for consumers. They are designed for a quick oil change as well as oil filter changes. Additional money is usually made by selling air filters, windshield wipers and other common parts that people need for general upkeep of their cars. You easily get many repeat customers as people need oil changes twice a year.

A car parts franchise

When most people need a car part, they often look for a part that is manufactured by an aftermarket company. These parts are lower in cost and most of them can be installed by people without being a mechanic. Car parts stores are found throughout the nation, and most of the franchises available have trusted names in auto parts.


This is a specialty area of car repair, but is something even those with mechanical knowledge find easier to have done for them. Usually a transmission repair shop will service all makes and models including both manual and automatic transmissions.

Muffler and brake shops

This type of shop has its focus, obviously, on mufflers, but they usually offer other services as well. Brakes are another area of specialty but can cross over with mufflers. Every car needs its brakes adjusted or repaired routinely, so this is something that represents steady business for a brake servicing shop.

Of course, there are also franchises that offer a wide range of auto repairs and servicing and can be considered general automotive franchises. Each of these opportunities has merit. Which one is best for you will depend upon your preferences.

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