So, how about depicting a white iPhone 8? Hajek’s new concept images are up to the task

When it comes to graphics artists who dabble in the murky waters of rendering future phones, there is barely a more prominent name than one Martin Hajek. His designs are usually top-notch not only in terms of 3D-rendering mastery, but also in conveying the main rumors and leaks about an upcoming phone in the most plausible manner.
Image result for So, how about depicting a white iPhone 8? Hajek's new concept images are up to the taskEspecially adept at visualizing iPhones (artists and their love for all things Apple and Mac, you know), Martin Hajek has this time taken upon himself the heavy task of imagining a white iPhone 8. So far, most renders we’ve seen represent a black iPhone 8 concept, so someone had to draw the inevitable white one, too, and that’s exactly what you see above.
The rumored dual camera in a vertical setup with slightly protruding lens is here, as is, apparently, the rumored in-display finger scanner/home key combo. What we really liked, however, is the effort to relay the rumored all-glass industrial design with stainless steel band around it, and the edge-to-edge display at the front, with just a small cutout at the top for the relevant sensors and front camera, Essential and Sharp phone style. Needless to say, the phones are running iOS 11, as can be deduced by the DND-while-drivingfeature depicted here. What do you think, could the eventual iPhone 8 look anything like this?

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